How old is my Dueber-Hampden watch?

Frequently asked questions

Can I design this Yearbok with others?

Yes you absolutley can, but please be aware you will need to share your login details with those you would like to co-create the book with. Only one person at a time can work on the book, as the software saves the latest version.

Can I add more than 28 pages?

Yes, of course. It's easy to add more pages in the designer and every two-page spread is only 20p.

Can I have less than 28 pages?

Our minimum amount is 28 pages. If you have a bespoke request, please get in touch with our team as our sister company New Perspective Digital Print may be able to help.

Can I order more copies after my first order?

Yes, to do so you simply login to your account and place another order.

"I made a Yearbook last year and want to work on that one again, is this possible?"

Definitiely! All you need to do is log back into your account and access your history. You will then be able to duplicate the book and begin editing.

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Compiled by Henry Burgell 

(NAWCC Chapter 149)

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